Reality Check

Grim Frequencies 1: Far Voices

Enter the Rabbit

Poison Wing turns in the crows for analysis at D7.

Agent Steele sends out team looking for more Fu Dogs, word has it they’ve left town.

Van: Peyote (driving), Amy, Holly
Tesla: Nico (driving while blasting K-pop and Tupac), Weed

Agent Leela is distracted killing fish in a koi pond that reminds her of her former boss/pimp/owner.

D7 smart phones have peacock-like opalescent teal metal case.

Agent Weed has D7 laptop similar in design to D7 smart phones, keyboard is detachable for use as tablet.

Nobody notices anything amiss.

Agent Peyote’s girlfriend Chemise says the Fu Dogs left.

Agent Weed finds evidence through his computer hacking (police, etc.) that Fu Dogs are gone.

Car radio cuts off, static blasts, can’t get music back. Same from phones. Cant turn down or off. A voice breaking up in some strange language. Holly hears it as Celestial.

Agent Weed can’t capture the sound, so it’s not an electronic transmission.

Agent Holly gets call from Agent Steele.

Agent Steele: Agent Holly?
Agent Holly: Yes, Sir.
Agent Steele: Did you hear that?
Agent Holly: Yes, Sir.
Agent Steele: We just recieved it…Seems to be a psionic transmission in Celestial, Elven, and Draconic. Check it out.
Agent Holly: We’re on it.

Chemise calls Agent Peyote.

Chemise: You hear that?
Agent Peyote: Yup.
Chemise: So did we but we didn’t understand it

Texts pops up from Holly and D7, with translation.

You must [STATIC] the SuZ Toys store
[WHINE] Charles Street and acquire a BunBun
electronic rabbit within [BUZZ] hour. You must go
to that [WHINE] store. You must [STATIC] this
task within the next hour. You may go with as
many people [BUZZ]. You must not fail!

Team converges on toy store, display advertising cute bunny with switchblade. Agent Amy grabs BunBun. Small boy and girl walk up. Boy asks for bunny for his sister. [Entire party fails will save and is terrified.] Agent Amy hands over bunny. Boy and girl look up smiling, revealing sharp teeth and solid black eyes. Once they glide 10’, the spell breaks and the whole team goes into attack mode. “Children” are 20’ by the time Agent Holly shoots at the boy. Boy stops moving, girl shrieks loudly, grabs the bunny, and runs for the door, crowd starts panicking. Agent Holly runs toward the girl. Agent Holly feels no magical ensorcellment. Agent Amy runs up and cuts girl in half…as well as bunny. Boy falls over, girl starts to disintegrate with a slight smell of ozone, crowd panics further. A normal-looking black girl with pigtails comes up and gives her bunny to Amy. “You can have mine, I’m sorry he took yours.” Agent Holly insists Agent Amy give the girl some chocolate. Agent Nico grabs duct tape from car and binds boy.

Police cars arrive.

Agent Holly: Thank you for participating in The Bone’s Dirty Thursday! Tune in tomorrow!
Agent Weed texts brief headsup to D7.
No body in body bag. Slight smell of ozone.

Agent Steele: Yeah, nobody’s been able to capture those black-eyed children things. We think they may be in league with the Grays.


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