Reality Check

Grim Frequencies 2: Balboa Crossing

Get the Hummer!

Poison Wing waits for Agent Steele in Multipurpose Room 1 after turning in BunBun. Agent Leela skulks in.
Agent Steele comes in, drops a dismembered BunBun on the table.
“We found this inside it.” Exotic computer chips. Agent Weed dives in.
Steele begins slide show. Boy and girl similar to those in toy store.
Black-eyed children (BECs). Seen in a few rural areas. Fear aura. Rumor: hybrid alien humans. Surveillance toy? Clip extracted from dismembered BunBun shows men moving around in factory. Voice says, “Ok, this one’s working.” Turns off. Factory is old cinderblock building: Black and White Restoration.

Leela psionically scans camera eyes for info on last owner of BunBun:
age 25
human male
white skin
blond hair
looks like just released from prison
B&W Rest
almond shaped black eyes
psionic jolt

Scans chips:
Hears some questions from BunBun
psionic jolt

We should investigate toy store to track the origins of the BunBun shipment. Also, where did the broadcast come from? Cuthbert’s indicates only those aware of Shadow have received the broadcast.

Agent Steele: “Do some research on B&W Rest”

2 BunBuns:
1 intact
1 bisected by Amy
Weed examines lithium battery in BunBun butt, searches for antenna. It can record, receive, transmit: electronic/psionic/magic from sickly green crystal, exactly identical to burnt crystal from other BunBun.

Weed probes BunBun while the rest go out looking for clues. Radios come on, staticky. Holly hears someone calling in Celestial “Svetlana! [her given name] Go to the Balboa railroad tracks, within 20 minutes, you must be on time, Stop the gray Hummer from crossing the tracks.”

Holly directs team to use vehicular synchronicity watch devices and proceed immediately to crossing
Tesla (Nico, Leela): E crossing
Van (Holly, Peyote, Amy, Chemise): W crossing

D7 reports dozens of gray Hummers in Bay Area. One registered to B&W Productions, address is PO Box. Weed reports a train scheduled to pass through Balboa crossing shortly. Holly calls D7 to have train stopped before it reaches crossing.

Tesla encounters gray Hummer and van encounters another gray Hummer.
Leela psi commands east Hummer to pull over
Korean family

Holly veers in front of west Hummer, Amy punches fist through van wall and grabs Hummer
Beefy blonds shouting in Russian
Darryl Brzezhinski and Jamie Shosticknaya

Crossing gates malfunction and do not close. Train passes at high speed, smoke from engine, passengers panicked.
Stopped people shocked and very grateful to Poison Wing.

Nico talks with Brzeshinski about Bloody Death (winner of the Golden Beaver award) and his other great films, currently filming Iron Guts II. Leela, Holly, and Peyote search the Hummer.
Hummer has boxes of film in cannisters for Iron Guts II.

Leela finds circuit board in Hummer, looks like from BunBun.
Weed: Train finally stopped before any major damage or injuries.
Brzeshinski suggests Chemise appears in his upcoming film, Lesbian Amazons of Mars
Holly to Brzeshinski in Russian: “By the way, my parents were actually married.”
Holly texts D7: Found folks matching desc, detain them?
D7 texts Holly: No, let them go but track them.
Peyote takes pictures of VIN & license plates, plants GPS tracker.
Poison Wing returns to D7 HQ.

Amy’s arm is slightly scratched. Amy has Poison Wing stop at Chocolate Heaven for a reward.
Mechanic at D7 stares agape at hole ripped in van, tears off 3’ strip of golden tape and patches up hole.
[Peyote has Tape of Repair: golden duct tape (2 rolls, about 10 uses/roll)]

Chip from Hummer indeed matches BunBun.


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