Reality Check

Grim Frequencies 3: 5th and Lennox

Infirmary for tattooing. One person standing in line, older man. Another heavily tattooed man comes out rubbing his butt. “Don’t get it there. It was the only place they could find room.”

Peyote goes in first. Nurse has a gold stamp and stamp pad. The stamping does burn a bit, for about 5 minutes.

8:00 Multipurpose Room 1.

Steele: Is this where you normally sit, Holly?
Holly: I don’t think so.

Car keys and a note. Holly picks up note and reads it.


You have till noon today. Do not fail.

Nico: This must have something to do with the Brzhinski brothers.

Steele: Looks like you have your assignment. Go ahead and find out what you can about this.

Very precise lettering.
Shumway Paper Products. Looks like a laser print but done by hand. Weed takes a photo. Take keys and note to lab. Lights flicker. Wing heads to hall. Amy slips on oil. Penny flies and hits Holly’s forehead. Nico’s e-cigarette catches fire. Leela tries to do an object reading on the penny. Peyote reaches for the doorknob and get hit by a big spark. Leela grabs Amy’s shirt and wraps it around her hand to open the door. The floor cracks. Hailstones.

Wing goes back to MPR1 and leave note with Agent Steele. Head to garage and get in usual D7 vehicles.

9:00 One white panel van, two gray. White Chevy van has lighting equipment. Holly and Leela drive it to 5th and Lennox.

Darrel Brzhinski shouting at someone in a field.
Two heavily made-up women wearing bikinis and smoking cigarettes. Ice chest and folding table with bags of potato chips.

Rodriguez was supposed to drive the van.

Holly notices something odd in the trees, a small gray humanoid peeking out and darting back.

Leela chats with one of the “actresses”. She saw a couple of kids in alien costumes like for Halloween, one of them sliding along a railroad line.

Holly: Like that one in the tree?
Second Actress (looking in the wrong direction): I’m getting goosebumps.

Another crew member mentions having heard weird noises in the warehouse.

Smartphone web search turns up 5th & Lennox Ghost Lights. Leela calls D7 and talks to a lab tech about Brzhinski films. All of them have scenes at this intersection.

Amy and Holly stay at the intersection. The rest investigate the warehouse. Leela talks with the receptionist, Nico sneaks past into the large open room filled with BunBuns being modified. Boxes of decaying spare parts with wisps of dry ice vapor. Nico takes a photo and sends it to the rest. A man walks out of a restroom and notices Leela. She says the crew needs more lighting equipment and other parts. He directs her to Jamal Brzhinski at the other end of the warehouse.

Weed glimpses 3 bony fingers at a doorway. Frozen in fear. Nico notices and texts everyone. Nico takes a closer look and is paralyzed in the rafters. Leela is creeping in via a duct, sees Weed and Nico frozen. Uses phone to try to look around corner, but phone just shows static. Tazes Weed and Nico, who collapse. Skittering sounds and the creepy feeling dissipates.


SylverWyrd lycanther

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