Reality Check

Grim Frequencies 3.5: BunBun Factory

Thanks to Leela’s tazing, Weed and Nico come back from paralysis, not remembering anything that happend since they were petrified by the thing. Weed notices 4 cryo-soldering irons on a nearby table. Holly notices foot wriggling in bushes, takes a photo. Amy sees 2 black-eyed kids approaching in the distance. A gray beckons Holly. She texts D7 and approaches the gray. Nico and Weed grab the cooler of mysterious parts and haul it out to the Tesla. They head back to HQ (notifying D7, which advises them to hurry since the cryochips likely will not last long). Leela travels with the lighting van back to the photo shoot. When they arrive, Darryl tells them they have decided to stop shooting for the day due to rain forecast. About 2pm. (So nothing interesting seemed to have happened.) Holly follows the gray a bit. The two children approach Amy, ask to come into the van. “We can’t come in unless you invite us.” Amy tells them to go away. Peyote goes over to find out what’s happening. When she gets close, she’s becomes frozen in fear. Amy bisects they boy with his sword. The little girl shreiks and slides to the left. Leela shoots and the girl screeches and takes off, missing Amy’s second blow. Peyote comes to angrily. Holly shows up and sees Amy, Leela, and Peyote. They also head to D7. Weed is investigating Darryl’s laptop, asks Holly to requisition a freezer container for the van. Weed finds a couple of the cryochips entangled in the circuitry.


SylverWyrd lycanther

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