Reality Check

Grim Frequencies 4: Travel

Poison Wing is ordered to capture the aliens and return them to HQ. Three refrigerated coffins are loaded into the vehicles (2 in van, 1 in Tesla?)

Agent Nico goes to the Requisitions window at D7 and asks for some kind of gear to protect him (and the other members of Poison Wing, I guess) from further mind control from the aliens. The clerk hands him a roll of aluminum foil. “Here, make a hat.” After some rudeness on both sides, Nico contacts Agent Steele, who laughs bizarrely and tells him to go back to the window. The grumbling clerk reluctantly hands over temporary magical tattoos. Nico tells him, “Catch you later, sweet cheeks.” The clerk fumes.

Minor Tattoo of Will Save +1 10 minutes, 10 uses. 1 for each member of Poison Wing; these supplement their

Minor Tattoo of Natural Armor (appears as a gold shield and dragon head)
Activated instantly when touched by bearer and trigger word (Shield) is spoken.
Effect covers bearer’s skin in hard ridges providing +2 natural armor bonus to Defense.
Lasts 10 minutes.
Manifester Level 5, Purchase DC 24
No attack of opportunity.
Free action
Perm tattoo but only use once a day for 10 minutes. Can’t split the minutes.

Poison Wing loads up and heads back to the warehouse. A van is outside with its engine running. Amy waits at the front door while Leela starts tossing Reese’s Pieces through the entrance. The other agents are at the rear entrance. Nico sneaks in to start examining the chip assembly area.

Leela is freaked out by a small hand touching her on the shoulder. She dazes the individual, who seems to be another black-eyed child, and screams and runs out past Amy. The rest of Poison Wing comes to find out what happened. Peyote throws a flashbang in, since obviously that will help!? Holly picks up the child’s body and carries her to one of the coffins. The body is already starting to deteriorate. At that time, a large circular shadow blots out the sun, and a beam of light projects down on the area, including Amy, Holly, and Leela. When the beam of light stops, Holly and Leela are gone, and then the flying saucer ascends at ludicrous speed.

Weed checks that the body is still in the cryogenic coffin. Nico complains, “Why did they have to steal the hot chicks?” Peyote smacks him.

Everyone gets in the vehicles and heads back to HQ. On the drive, Weed contacts D7. Agent Steele grumbles about insurance rates when learning of the disappearance of two agents, but is very pleased when the hazmat crew retrieves the coffin from the van.


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