Reality Check

Grim Frequencies 5: Catch and Release Human

Agent Steele gives the remaining members of Poison Wing a week off to recover. Agent Peyote spends the time partying with her girlfriend Chemise. Agent Weed skidoodles to Seattle for a tech conference. Agent Amy lurks about Ghirardelli Square chasing a man dressed only in chocolate. Agent Nico immediately gets on a flight to Las Vegas to get drunk, high, and laid. He wakes up in a drunk tank after having propositioned a female police officer in uniform. Agent Holly and Agent Leela appear on Angel Island dressed in each other’s clothes. They have a bit of sunburn, and circular pinprick marks on their neck and abdomen. Their memories are fuzzy, and blank from the time just before they were abducted.

Agent Peyote gets the order to sail out to Angel Island to collect Leela and Holly. The park rangers are somewhat the worse for wear.

“So are you willing to go with Agent Peyote or do you want to just hang out on the island kicking guys in the nuts?”

Agents Nico, Weed, and Amy are recalled to HQ via private flights and limousines.

Holly and Leela go back with Peyote and undergo an extremely complete medical examination. D7 medical technicians remove the tracking device (similar to the BunBun computer chips) the aliens implanted, and replaced the D7 tracking device. Poison Wing gets a week of supervised vacation on a Florida cruise ship.


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