Reality Check

S11. Boom Boom

I totally meant to do that

Nico hears noise from rubble in corner, also spots 3 camouflaged forms in room, alerts wing
Nico and Peyote assaulted by nauseating smell (Nico sickened for 10 rounds)
Nico steps into room and shoots one of the forms around the corner
Holly and Amy shoot and kill the one they can see straight ahead
2 surviving enemies move closer to Nico and vainly throw javelins at Nico and Peyote
Leela attempts to taser one of the enemies.
Peyote finishes off last 2 with grenade
After creatures (troglodytes?) are eliminated, wing searches room.
Holly finds size 14 shoe and broken zip cuffs
Two passageways blocked by rubble, Holly sees a shape movie beyond one
Nico investigates opening on opposite wall
Leela places a concussion grenade in partly-filled passageway as a trap, but accidentally detonates it (clearing passageway)
Holly sees a T intersection through passageway and a paired shoe/sock print leading away in the dust
Nico hears a chuckle of contempt from the room beyond
Holly asks Amy to block the cleared passageway until that room may be safely cleared
Party pursues source of chuckle
Nico hears someone fleeing and notices that only one foot is shod and concludes it is Agent Wander
Nico calls out to Wander, tells him wing is there to establish contact, not attack him
Wander responds, “Leave me alone. They have Ann and they’re going to kill her if you mess this up.” then runs away; party chases after
Holly attempts again to get Wander to communicate with Agent Steele
Wander seals entrance with some sort of explosive

Email from GM:

I’m sorry. I figured out your xps to bring you current a few days ago
and forgot to send it. Oh dear. Just for that I’ll give you a bit
extra. Each character that was involved in the Undermining dungeon so
far gets 1,600 xps. That includes everything. Let me know if you feel
slighted, so I can prepare a special encounter for your character.

We can spend some time tonight raising characters if need be.
Remember, if you add in these xps, and your character is within 300
xps of raising, you can raise them, and subtract the 300 from the next
bunch of xps. Make sure you keep track of it. You’re on your honor.
Any more, ask first.

We left off with you in the quartz and gold dungeon of mostly empty
rooms. Agent Wander has escaped the dungeon and collapsed your
initial entry. As you are all pondering leaving through the door that
exits through the women’s ‘dungeon’, you hear a small explosion, then
the sound of rocks sliding. Your hearts sink into your stomachs. Once
the noise stops, you hear the drip, drip, drip, of the stalactite into
the cistern in Room 2. Amy farts loudly.

Lycanther’s notes for S12:
BT = “Buster” Toombs

1000 XP escaping from basement.


SylverWyrd lycanther

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