Reality Check

S3. Going camping

This one time at camp....


The party opens the door to Kimberley Scott’s apartment.

living room

There is a sofa, TV, books,
Point Bonita Campground pamphlet.
Which camping sites are open, hours, fees.
Kitchen to the right, bed/bath to the left.


Oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, microwave. Fridge has misc. groceries, mostly still good. Some normal-looking contents of garbage can. Blinking answering machine:

  1. “Hey, Kim, it’s Bob at the paper. Are you feeling ok? Let us know how you’re doing.”
  2. Campground information line callback.
  3. Bob again: “It’s been two days, are you coming back?”


Agent Peyote finds computer in Computer document, turns it on, it comes back with a To Do list open to

check out campground in the headlands

folded piece of paper next to computer: computer printout of campground map (driving directions, parking lot, walking trail, facility with chain-link fence)


bathroom window open, looks onto alley

full litter box and food/water dish

Agent Holly calls Agent Steele to report on the leads and ask for more info on Kimberley Scott’s car. Return to base shortly and he’ll have the info.

The party decides to visit the Squat and Gobble downstairs for crepes and coffee. Excellent Nutella and strawberry crepes.

Agent Nico tries to flirt with the waitress, supposedly to find out more information about Kimberley Scott. She slaps him.

Agent Holly notices an elf sitting nearby and chats him up, calling herself Lana. His name is Lescher. He knows Kimberley Scott slightly. They talk occasionally; she doesn’t seem to be aware that he’s not human. Lescher gives Lana his cell phone number and tries to find out what gender the ogre is. He is uninterested in the mundane humans (‘mundies’).

Party returns to D7 and reports their findings to Agent Steele in greater detail. He tells the party that Kimberley Scott picked up a Zipcar that hasn’t been returned yet (gives info). “Get some rest while the crew sees to your van. Tomorrow morning, go investigate this campground she was looking into. Try to bring her back if possible, call if you find anything interesting.”

To Point Bonita Campground

Friday morning, off to Marin.
2.5h ride to campground. Competing music in the car, Nico vs Peyote.
Drive into campground. Ranger Stewart talks very slowly, hardly blinks, charges $12, gate closes at 10pm, tells where to park and gives a map.

Ranger Browne also behaves strangely (drugged? hypnotized? magically charmed? robotic?)

Drive into empty spot. One car matches the description of Kimberley’s Zipcar.

Businessman comes walking slowly down trail, stops to talk with Ranger Browne…yet neither actually says anything.

There’s a trailhead leading away from the campsite.

Two sites with tents. Quiet. Lots of camping debris.

Find a digital camera, transfer its files to phone. Pictures from 3 days ago. Tall cylindrical building with no windows through chain link fence. People coming and going, mostly on foot, a few non-ranger vehicles. Lots of pictures of one woman (does not look like Kimberley). Every person goes in empty-handed, comes out with a bag, purse, backpack, or other container. All have vacant looks.

Agent Nico notices a small canid, maybe a fox, standing nearby, staring at them vacantly, before it walks away. Looks like something on the back of its neck.

Some people walking down trail, vacantly. Older woman in nightgown and slippers, young woman dressed like streetwalker, businessman. Businessman walks to guard booth and stands face-to-face with Ranger Browne, both silent. Agent Nico and Agent Holly talk to the older woman, asking about the weather and her nightgown. Agent Holly reaches to look at the back of the woman’s neck, sees some insectoid thing there, all walkers stop, scream weirdly, point at Agent Holly. Roll initiative.


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