Reality Check

S7. Bacchanal

What does “mundane” mean in this context?


Agent Holly: pigtails and a cheerleader’s uniform (Buffy)
Agent Weed: Spike with neon red hair
Agent Amy: leather harness and chaps, leashed to Holly
Agent Nico: black mesh shirt, leather pants and jacket
Agent Leela: leather catsuit
Agent Peyote: leather jacket and pants
Chemise: spike heels

On the way to the garage, a Department-7 employee hands us a key and says Agent Steele wanted us to take this and points at a sleek black vehicle in the corner.

Nico and Peyote get in, the rest take the van. All head to the Mission District to pick up Chemise.

As they approach the Mission, the car says to Nico, “Stealth mode activated.” Exterior color changes, looks more beat up.
Nico and Peyote pick up Chemise near St. Cuthbert’s House. Chemise is dressed skimpily and Nico is distracted [-2 to Drive].

On the way to the club, Weed tries to hack his phone and gets an electric shock. He eventually succeeds in jailbreaking it.

They park in back, a number of people in various stages of dress and costume. Some are quite pale; while most of the party can’t be sure based on what they see, they assume that these are vampires, given their prior information. Peyote is certain that some are indeed vampires. About half of the patrons they see are dressed in vampire theme. About a tenth of the people are undead, some vampires have zombie attendants.

Chemise talks to a (bugbear) bouncer and discreetly passes him some green, he lets the group into the club. At the entry is a clothes check room that smells of leather and cigarettes. Many patrons are checking each other out in the lobby.

Holly texts D7 for info and picture of Larson Kulling and examines it. Chemise tells her, “Don’t show that picture around in here.” Holly forwards the info to the other phones for Poison Wing, with a note not to flash around the picture of Kulling.

Chemise and Peyote head into the women’s section and Chemise pisses off a bunch of people there. Leela asks a couple of staff if they’ve seen Agent Wander or Ann Marchment. Wander was there a couple days earlier looking for a door in the basement. Leela talks to another staff member who indicates that the basement is accessed from the women’s section.

Holly talks to a coat check girl, Lolly. She saw Agent Wander a couple days earlier, he was looking for a basement door. She flirts quite brazenly with Holly, but abruptly turns cold and aloof when Holly inquires about Ann Marchment. Lolly withdraws to make a phone call.

Holly texts that it’s unsafe to inquire about Marchment or show her picture and that doing so seemed to arouse suspicion.

Peyote sees a pale woman, a vampire, listening to an earphone at the back of the room start scanning the room and then staring at her and Chemise.

Weed hears something and sees a vampire listening to an earphone scan the room and focus on him. Weed texts “pale 1s hv earph n r lookin for sum1; we shd leave”

Holly activates the “EVAC NOW!” app, tosses chocolate garlic to Amy to eat and sprinkles herself with holy water, then activates both of their watches and they head for the door.

Peyote activates watch, grabs Chemise, and boogies out. Weed activates his watch and heads for the door, noticing there was a vampire right behind him. Leela grabs Nico (a bit addled due to staring at bouncing boobies) and they activate their watches and head for the door also.


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