Reality Check

S8. This party bites.

Vampires suck.

Peyote’s path out of the Lesbian area toward the main exit is blocked by vampires. Chemise points at a curtain and Peyote runs through it and crashes through the emergency exit behind it setting off the door alarm in the process. Behind the building they see two bystanders smoking. Peyote tosses a garlic grenade at the emergency exit to cover their escape and carries Chemise around the building to where the Tesla is parked.

Holly, Amy, Nico, and Leela make it out the main door, but Weed is intercepted by a female vampire in a dominatrix outfit as he passes through the coat check area. Nico runs for the Tesla, while the others sprint to the van. Holly sees on her cellphone tracking system that Peyote has left the building in the other direction, but Weed is still inside. Holly tells Leela to drive the van up to the club entrance and tells Nico to take the Tesla around to the other side, pick up Peyote, and rendezvous with her in front. He zips around the building, and Peyote and Chemise dive into the car.

The vampire is prevented from closing on Weed due to the garlic he is carrying, but she dominates him with her gaze and leaves him mesmerized. As they drive forward, their path cleared by the synchronicity watch, Amy notices Weed just inside the door with a vampire blocking his escape and yells out “Weed in trouble!” Holly jumps out and fires her holy water gun at the vampire. The vampire, injured, gestures for Weed to follow and retreats into the club; Weed helplessly obeys. Holly orders Amy to grab Weed and Leela to cover them against a gaze attack by holding up her makeup mirror, then gives chase, gun drawn.

Nico and Peyote reach the main entrance in time to see the vampire luring Weed away, and Peyote quickly garlic bombs the entrance as they rush out of the car. Amy charges in, grabs Weed, then heads back out. Several vampires attempt to surround Amy and dominate him, but he avoids their eyes and hauls Weed to the garlic-clouded door. The vampires grumble as Weed is removed from their clutches and breaks out of their domination. Several suggest pursuing through the men’s play space (perhaps the site of another exit), but the dominatrix subtly shakes her head, suggesting she may be in charge.

The party reach their vehicles and speed back to D7. Nico activates the Tesla’s built-in synchronicity timepiece, and Leela follows in the wake of green lights. Agent Steele debriefs the team and grants a waiver to Chemise to stay at D7 for the night. Agent Peyote escorts her to the hot tub in anticipation of a special hero’s reward.

XP earned per character:
900 XP for dealing with npcs/monsters
300 XP role playing
300 XP partial completion of assigned task
1500 XP


SylverWyrd lycanther

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