Reality Check

S9. The Underbelly of Soma

Some new toys to play with.

Poison Wing and Agent Steele in multipurpose room, coffee & donuts. Agent Howling on videoconference says there is a secret dungeon underneath a sex club. Agent Steele brings up diagram of unused building next door. Found this information from old books that were dug up, now copied onto phones. Anyone who does vampire research at D7 gets +2 vs. vampires. Replenishment of items used previous night (holy water, garlic grenades, etc). Gear upgrades: Everyone now has one garment with two extradimensional pockets sewn in. Each member of Poison Wing issued mirrored sunglasses, crossbow, 6 sunlight sticks. Agent Peyote gets holy water grenades.

[Misc notes:]
potion of truth d20 Modern 376
2x D7 staff of psychic sun


SylverWyrd lycanther

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