Agent "Amy" Amygdalin


Agent “Amy” Amygdalin; Real name: Jojo Paulo
CR 5 & Level 2: Fast Hero 1 Strong Hero 1 (3 ogre LA)
9’8” tall; 650 lb; Age 25; brown eyes, hair, skin.
AL: Be nice to D7 and innocents, but do almost anything for sweets! Reputation: 0
Str 28 +9, Dex 14 +2, Con 14 +2, Int 6 -2, Wis 13 +1, Cha 2 -4
Initiative: +2; Base Speed: 30
Action points: 11
HP: 8 (fast 1d8) +18 (ogre 4d8 HD) + 4.5 (strong 1d8) +12 (6*2con mod) = 42
Defense: 10 +3 fast +1 strong +3 Equipment +2 Dex -1 Size +5 Natural = 23 (
2 for 10 min via tattoo)
Fort 1 base +2 con = 3
Ref +1 base +2 dex = 3
Wil +0 base +1 wis = 1 (
1 for 10 min via tattoo)
Attack: +1 base +3 species bonus -1 size = +3
Grapple: +1 base +9 str +4 size = +14
Ranged: +3 attack +2 dex = +5
Melee: +3 attack +9 str = +12
Sword one handed damage: 2d6 +9 strength +1 smash; two handed: 2d6 +13 strength +1 smash

Undercover vest; Large longsword concealed by being sheathed in what appears to be a large cardboard document delivery tube; D7 phone (opalescent peacock colors); D7 ID; D7 synchronicity watch; secret pocket full of chocolate, tattoo that improves natural armor 2 for 10 minutes: 1/day, tattoo for +1 Will for 10 minutes: 10 uses; +2 neuron booster (2 Int.).

Talents, Feats, Species, Occupation
Evasion; melee smash; light armor feat, simple weapons proficiency, archaic weapon proficiency, personal firearms proficiency; low light vision; speak English (illiterate); occupation: adventurer; permanent class skills: spot, knowledge (arcane lore); Large (10 ft size, reach, -1 AC and attack, -4 hide, +4 grapple, carry x2, weapons 1 size larger, custom armor weighs x2)

Balance Dex +2
Bluff Cha -4
Climb Str +9
Computer Use Int -2
Concentration Con +2
Diplomacy Cha -4
Disguise Cha -4
Drive Dex +2
Escape Artist Dex +2
Gather Information Cha -4
Hide Dex -4
Intimidate Cha -4
Jump Str +9
Knowledge (arcane lore) Int -2
Listen Wis +1
Move Silently Dex 0
Navigate Int -2
Research Int -2
Ride Dex +2
Search Int -2
Sense Motive Wis +1
Spot Wis +6
Survival Wis +1
Swim Str +7
Treat Injury Wis +1

Light load: 800; Medium load: 1,600; Heavy load: 2,400; Lift off ground: 4,800; Push or drag: 12,000

Progression: ogre, fast 1, strong 3, shadow slayer (core p290 requires BAB +3; Archaic Weapon feat)


Summary: Misbegotten lovechild of Cookie Monster and Hagrid? Actually, a dense, athletic, laconic, easygoing, enigmatic giant who consumes enormous quantities of chocolate without ill effect.

Jojo joined the foster care system in his teens when he appeared in San Francisco without parents, and with no recollection of who he was and where he came from. Raised by a strongly religious family, he was always a polite, quiet giant who helped old ladies carry groceries and stood up for little kids; he would never get into trouble. As a youngster, although he was incredibly large and strong, he was not intellectually and socially sophisticated. Instead, he spent hours exercising until others lost interest in him. He focused on physical challenges, such as sharpshooting, swordplay or hiking.

Before joining D7, Jojo found employment as a guard and sherpa for science teams hauling gear to remote sites. He wasn’t rich, but he lived a satisfying life. Those dangerous assignments foreclosed Jojo’s chance of having a quiet life and family, as does his work with D7. Happily, Jojo is easily entertained with simple adventuring tasks, so his job is all he needs.

Jojo always thought there was something special about himself. He was always taller than others. He was always stronger. He ate far too many sweets. The doctors thought he had a glandular disorder and would die when he grew to be too large. He didn’t die when he grew up; he began to recall strange dreams. He would awaken with faint recollections of mythical creatures and a shimmering portal leading away from home. Jojo inquired about therapy, but the therapist just recommended that Jojo attend a meeting with a mysterious organization: D7. Jojo met other non-human beings gainfully employed there and began training for missions.

Now known as Agent Amy, he feels obligated to develop his athletic prowess to work well with his new family of agents. His determination and ability make him likely to succeed at anything that requires brute force, unless he is confused by complex information or distracted by sweets.

A chocoholic of the highest order, his greatest dream is to open his own confection shop in order to share his passion when Agent Amy retires from the dangerous life. He is never without a veritable candy shop in his pockets, yet his dental health is excellent. He’s definitely not human.

Jason’s house rule: When raising a stat, Amy can use the point to raise the neuron boosters by 2 instead.

Suggested upgrade (from Cyberscape p32):
Neuron Boosters (PL 8)
Neuron boosters are tiny electrical generators specifically attuned to the neurons of the recipient’s brain, helping the neurons work more quickly and powerfully, and increasing the recipient’s ability to take in information, draw conclusions, and store and recall data.
Benefit: Neuron boosters give the cyberware recipient a +2, +4, or +6 equipment bonus to Intelligence.
Type: Internal.
Location: One head.
Hardness/Hit Points: —/1.
Base Purchase DC: 19 (for +2 Int), 25 (for +4 Int), or 33
(for +6 Int). Restriction: None.

updated 8-21-15


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