D7 Eldritch Phone

Perfect phone


Custom Eldritch Cell Phone
This smart phone has a small wireless headset, military precision GPS locator, highest speed internet access, et cetera. It can securely access any network in existence. It can connect to any other phone regardless of weather conditions or distance. The phone connection has a slight warble to it, but is otherwise free of static and other interference. If the person being contacted doesn’t have a phone, the eldritch cell phone automatically dials the phone nearest to the individual (even though the contact might be unable to reach it). Furthermore, the eldritch cell phone magically encrypts communications so that anyone who taps in (using a cellular interceptor or other hardware) detects only gibberish. The eldritch cell phone has a built-in caller ID defeater and cannot be traced by mundane technology. It is keyed for the owner’s retina, fingerprints, and blood. If anyone else hacks into it, the device will self destruct. Type: Wondrous Item (magic); Caster Level: 3rd; Weight: -.

Uncustomized version is in Urban Arcana on p. 129


Department-7 provides such a phone to each agent for free. Like any magic item, the phone resizes for its user, there is no battery to recharge and there are no parts that break or need replacing.

D7 Eldritch Phone

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