Reality Check

S11. Boom Boom
I totally meant to do that

Nico hears noise from rubble in corner, also spots 3 camouflaged forms in room, alerts wing
Nico and Peyote assaulted by nauseating smell (Nico sickened for 10 rounds)
Nico steps into room and shoots one of the forms around the corner
Holly and Amy shoot and kill the one they can see straight ahead
2 surviving enemies move closer to Nico and vainly throw javelins at Nico and Peyote
Leela attempts to taser one of the enemies.
Peyote finishes off last 2 with grenade
After creatures (troglodytes?) are eliminated, wing searches room.
Holly finds size 14 shoe and broken zip cuffs
Two passageways blocked by rubble, Holly sees a shape movie beyond one
Nico investigates opening on opposite wall
Leela places a concussion grenade in partly-filled passageway as a trap, but accidentally detonates it (clearing passageway)
Holly sees a T intersection through passageway and a paired shoe/sock print leading away in the dust
Nico hears a chuckle of contempt from the room beyond
Holly asks Amy to block the cleared passageway until that room may be safely cleared
Party pursues source of chuckle
Nico hears someone fleeing and notices that only one foot is shod and concludes it is Agent Wander
Nico calls out to Wander, tells him wing is there to establish contact, not attack him
Wander responds, “Leave me alone. They have Ann and they’re going to kill her if you mess this up.” then runs away; party chases after
Holly attempts again to get Wander to communicate with Agent Steele
Wander seals entrance with some sort of explosive

Email from GM:

I’m sorry. I figured out your xps to bring you current a few days ago
and forgot to send it. Oh dear. Just for that I’ll give you a bit
extra. Each character that was involved in the Undermining dungeon so
far gets 1,600 xps. That includes everything. Let me know if you feel
slighted, so I can prepare a special encounter for your character.

We can spend some time tonight raising characters if need be.
Remember, if you add in these xps, and your character is within 300
xps of raising, you can raise them, and subtract the 300 from the next
bunch of xps. Make sure you keep track of it. You’re on your honor.
Any more, ask first.

We left off with you in the quartz and gold dungeon of mostly empty
rooms. Agent Wander has escaped the dungeon and collapsed your
initial entry. As you are all pondering leaving through the door that
exits through the women’s ‘dungeon’, you hear a small explosion, then
the sound of rocks sliding. Your hearts sink into your stomachs. Once
the noise stops, you hear the drip, drip, drip, of the stalactite into
the cistern in Room 2. Amy farts loudly.

Lycanther’s notes for S12:
BT = “Buster” Toombs

1000 XP escaping from basement.

S10. Really Old Rock in SF Underground Scene
Older than Dick Clark

Armed with new intelligence that Larson Kulling had kidnapped Ann Marchment in an effort to blackmail Agent Wander, and that he in turn had abandoned D7 and come to San Francisco in an effort to rescue his girl friend, the Poison Wing arrives at the building adjacent to the sex club, its entrance secured by an electronic lock, in search of him. Gaining access with the universal key function of their D7 identification card, Agent Peyote sets off a flash grenade as they enter the building. Inside they discover 3 homeless sleeping (or unconscious since the grenade fails to rouse them) and that the ground floor has a second entrance by way of a loose board in the wall. Agent Amy notices (!) a pair of footprints leading down the dusty stairs to the basement. A closer inspection reveals them to be of men’s 14 shoes with pointed toes. A texted query to D7 informs the party that Agent Wander wears size 14.

The wing proceeds down the stairs announced by Agent Nico’s squeaky gait. They arrive in an empty and long disused boiler room occupied by rats who scurry away. Their map indicates an adjacent maintenance office and a utility closet hiding a tunnel leading to the sex club. The wing chooses to search the office before proceeding to the sex club basement. The office is also empty and long disused, containing a badly damaged desk missing its drawers topped with a rotary phone and surrounded by empty whisky bottles. Agent Nico spots a shiny object on top of the desk that appears to be a tarnished but very sharp silver letter opener monogrammed BT and pockets it. Agent Holly searches under the blotter and finds a fragile envelope addressed “from LK to BT.” Carefully opening it she finds 10 $10,000 Gold Certificates from approximately 1930 in uncirculated condition. She places the envelope in her extra-dimensional pocket for safekeeping. The wing speculates that this was a bribe and that LK might signify Larson Kulling. The identity of BT remains a mystery.

Agent Peyote is disappointed to discover that the tunnel from the utility closet is significantly wider than the map indicates and does not require shaped charges to accommodate Agent Amy. The tunnel leads to a rough-hewn stone corridor approximately 15’ x 70’ with a dusty but very well-worn floor. Agent Nico follows the footprints into a 25’ x 45’ stone room where the footprints become confused. This room has a carved design running along its walls reminiscent of Celtic knotwork, a very old stone cistern in the corner, a worn stone bench on the opposite wall, and two exits. A spigot with a stalactite hangs over the cistern, which is filled with unwholesome water. The corridor and room present a puzzle to the wing: they are carved from solid rock in an area South of Market that should be bay fill and have a feel of antiquity to them, as if they were already ancient in pre-Columbian times.

While Agent Nico (at the head of the queue) investigates the cistern room, Agent Weed (at the tail) searches the corridor, discovering that the walls are quartz veined with gold. He also finds a secret door a third of the way from the utility closet tunnel that apparently can be opened from the corridor side, but not closed. Agent Weed texts his discovery to the rest of the wing and is content to leave the partially opened door alone until the wing can regroup, but Agent Amy, ever hopeful for hidden caches of chocolate, pushes the door aside and continues into the secret room. Just inside the room Agent Weed spots a control mechanism for the door and closes it behind them. The mechanism is faulty, however, and he cannot open the door from inside. Realizing they are now cut off from the rest of the wing, he quickly texts for help.

Agent Holly leads the others back to the secret door and opens it again from the outside. Agent Weed jams the door open while the rest of the wing investigates this room. Made of the same ancient stone as the others, it contains little beyond two exits and a fire pit. Notably absent are size 14 footprints in the dust. One exit leads to a stairway back up. Agent Peyote climbs it to a locked door of Victorian vintage. Popping the lock she finds a barred door of antique solid iron, and behind that a black curtain and the women’s section of the play dungeon. Closing the door (but leaving it unbarred in case the wing needs to make a hasty escape), she reports back to the wing.

Although relieved that they have discovered another escape route, the wing collectively decides that this room is a dead end on the trail of Agent Wander and returns to the cistern room. Agent Amy notices that leading out of one the exits of the cistern room the footprints appear to resume. This exit opens into a 55’ x 25’ room that contains four 5’-tall purple mushrooms that begin to shriek when Agent Nico gets to close to them. Agent Peyote gestures the rest of the wing back and tosses a white phosphorus grenade which damages all 4 mushrooms. None of the wing are close enough for the mushrooms to successfully attack with their poisoned tentacles. Agent Peyote finishes off 3 of them with a thermite grenade, and Agent Weed shoots the last to death.

S9. The Underbelly of Soma
Some new toys to play with.

Poison Wing and Agent Steele in multipurpose room, coffee & donuts. Agent Howling on videoconference says there is a secret dungeon underneath a sex club. Agent Steele brings up diagram of unused building next door. Found this information from old books that were dug up, now copied onto phones. Anyone who does vampire research at D7 gets +2 vs. vampires. Replenishment of items used previous night (holy water, garlic grenades, etc). Gear upgrades: Everyone now has one garment with two extradimensional pockets sewn in. Each member of Poison Wing issued mirrored sunglasses, crossbow, 6 sunlight sticks. Agent Peyote gets holy water grenades.

[Misc notes:]
potion of truth d20 Modern 376
2x D7 staff of psychic sun

S8. This party bites.
Vampires suck.

Peyote’s path out of the Lesbian area toward the main exit is blocked by vampires. Chemise points at a curtain and Peyote runs through it and crashes through the emergency exit behind it setting off the door alarm in the process. Behind the building they see two bystanders smoking. Peyote tosses a garlic grenade at the emergency exit to cover their escape and carries Chemise around the building to where the Tesla is parked.

Holly, Amy, Nico, and Leela make it out the main door, but Weed is intercepted by a female vampire in a dominatrix outfit as he passes through the coat check area. Nico runs for the Tesla, while the others sprint to the van. Holly sees on her cellphone tracking system that Peyote has left the building in the other direction, but Weed is still inside. Holly tells Leela to drive the van up to the club entrance and tells Nico to take the Tesla around to the other side, pick up Peyote, and rendezvous with her in front. He zips around the building, and Peyote and Chemise dive into the car.

The vampire is prevented from closing on Weed due to the garlic he is carrying, but she dominates him with her gaze and leaves him mesmerized. As they drive forward, their path cleared by the synchronicity watch, Amy notices Weed just inside the door with a vampire blocking his escape and yells out “Weed in trouble!” Holly jumps out and fires her holy water gun at the vampire. The vampire, injured, gestures for Weed to follow and retreats into the club; Weed helplessly obeys. Holly orders Amy to grab Weed and Leela to cover them against a gaze attack by holding up her makeup mirror, then gives chase, gun drawn.

Nico and Peyote reach the main entrance in time to see the vampire luring Weed away, and Peyote quickly garlic bombs the entrance as they rush out of the car. Amy charges in, grabs Weed, then heads back out. Several vampires attempt to surround Amy and dominate him, but he avoids their eyes and hauls Weed to the garlic-clouded door. The vampires grumble as Weed is removed from their clutches and breaks out of their domination. Several suggest pursuing through the men’s play space (perhaps the site of another exit), but the dominatrix subtly shakes her head, suggesting she may be in charge.

The party reach their vehicles and speed back to D7. Nico activates the Tesla’s built-in synchronicity timepiece, and Leela follows in the wake of green lights. Agent Steele debriefs the team and grants a waiver to Chemise to stay at D7 for the night. Agent Peyote escorts her to the hot tub in anticipation of a special hero’s reward.

XP earned per character:
900 XP for dealing with npcs/monsters
300 XP role playing
300 XP partial completion of assigned task
1500 XP

S7. Bacchanal
What does “mundane” mean in this context?

Agent Holly: pigtails and a cheerleader’s uniform (Buffy)
Agent Weed: Spike with neon red hair
Agent Amy: leather harness and chaps, leashed to Holly
Agent Nico: black mesh shirt, leather pants and jacket
Agent Leela: leather catsuit
Agent Peyote: leather jacket and pants
Chemise: spike heels

On the way to the garage, a Department-7 employee hands us a key and says Agent Steele wanted us to take this and points at a sleek black vehicle in the corner.

Nico and Peyote get in, the rest take the van. All head to the Mission District to pick up Chemise.

As they approach the Mission, the car says to Nico, “Stealth mode activated.” Exterior color changes, looks more beat up.
Nico and Peyote pick up Chemise near St. Cuthbert’s House. Chemise is dressed skimpily and Nico is distracted [-2 to Drive].

On the way to the club, Weed tries to hack his phone and gets an electric shock. He eventually succeeds in jailbreaking it.

They park in back, a number of people in various stages of dress and costume. Some are quite pale; while most of the party can’t be sure based on what they see, they assume that these are vampires, given their prior information. Peyote is certain that some are indeed vampires. About half of the patrons they see are dressed in vampire theme. About a tenth of the people are undead, some vampires have zombie attendants.

Chemise talks to a (bugbear) bouncer and discreetly passes him some green, he lets the group into the club. At the entry is a clothes check room that smells of leather and cigarettes. Many patrons are checking each other out in the lobby.

Holly texts D7 for info and picture of Larson Kulling and examines it. Chemise tells her, “Don’t show that picture around in here.” Holly forwards the info to the other phones for Poison Wing, with a note not to flash around the picture of Kulling.

Chemise and Peyote head into the women’s section and Chemise pisses off a bunch of people there. Leela asks a couple of staff if they’ve seen Agent Wander or Ann Marchment. Wander was there a couple days earlier looking for a door in the basement. Leela talks to another staff member who indicates that the basement is accessed from the women’s section.

Holly talks to a coat check girl, Lolly. She saw Agent Wander a couple days earlier, he was looking for a basement door. She flirts quite brazenly with Holly, but abruptly turns cold and aloof when Holly inquires about Ann Marchment. Lolly withdraws to make a phone call.

Holly texts that it’s unsafe to inquire about Marchment or show her picture and that doing so seemed to arouse suspicion.

Peyote sees a pale woman, a vampire, listening to an earphone at the back of the room start scanning the room and then staring at her and Chemise.

Weed hears something and sees a vampire listening to an earphone scan the room and focus on him. Weed texts “pale 1s hv earph n r lookin for sum1; we shd leave”

Holly activates the “EVAC NOW!” app, tosses chocolate garlic to Amy to eat and sprinkles herself with holy water, then activates both of their watches and they head for the door.

Peyote activates watch, grabs Chemise, and boogies out. Weed activates his watch and heads for the door, noticing there was a vampire right behind him. Leela grabs Nico (a bit addled due to staring at bouncing boobies) and they activate their watches and head for the door also.

S6. A bite of seafood
Expense accounts are glorious things.


Poison Wing converges at Fisherman’s Wharf to compare notes, interrupted by a delicious lunch of crab and cioppino. Present are Agent Holly, Agent Amy, Agent Peyote, and Agent Nico. Over chocolate cake and espresso, they assemble a timeline for sightings of Agent Wander over the past couple of weeks:

  • 3 am Fisherman’s Wharf
  • afternoon Mission Bart
  • Cirque des Moitié
  • 2 erotic dungeons owned by Content Not Found: larson-culling

They discover that the silver-painted mime is in fact shadowkind, with indistinct features; perhaps a doppelganger.

They notice a short woman with red hair and a Cuthbert’s beret nearby and go talk to her.
“Hi, we’re with Department-7. We’re looking for this man,” says Agent Holly, showing her a picture of Agent Wander on her phone.
“I haven’t seen him, but I think he did ,” she replies, pointing to an Asian man nearby also wearing a Cuthbert’s beret.
“Thank you very much.” They walk over to the man she indicated.


“Hi, I’m Agent Holly, and we’re with Department-7. We were told you saw this man coming out of the water.”
“My name is Bob. I saw a guy come out of a submersible, but I didn’t see his face, so I can’t tell if this is him or not. I took a picture and sent it to headquarters, that’s all I know. I got a whiff of him though.” Bob is a moreau with features reminiscent of a Pekingese. “If you bring me something this guy wore, I can tell you if he was the one I saw.”
“We may be able to do that. Let’s exchange numbers so I can reach you after I’ve spoken with headquarters.” Bob exchanges digits with Agent Holly. “Can you show us the location you spotted the man emerging from the water?”
“Sure. It’s down this way.” Bob leads them to an old, unused pier.

“Down there.”
As Agent Holly leans over the edge of the pier to peer down at the pilings, she hears a knife opening behind her. “He’s a traitor!” she yells, and jumps to the water below.
“What traytor?” asks Agent Amy. “It means he’s a bad guy,” says Agent Peyote. “Grab him!”
“Ooh-kay.” Bob brandishes his knife, but Agent Amy easily envelops him in a bear hug. “Urk!” Agent Nico unsuccessfully attempts to grab Bob’s knife.

Meanwhile, Agent Holly swallows some San Francisco Bay water as well as some unnameable floating solid. She swims to the nearest piling, and her hand strikes something she does not see. She reaches the ladder rungs on the piling, and climbs up them, slipping once on the slimy rebar.

When Agent Holly reaches the pier, she is cold, shivering, thankful for the unusually warm weather, and relieved to see Bob restrained. She calls up Agent Steele, and informs him of the murder attempt. “Bring him in. I’m calling Donny right now.” Agent Nico runs off to bring the van. “Why did you do that?” she asks Bob.
Bob stares at her silently.
“What shall we do, Agent Steele?”
“If he won’t talk, kill him,” says Agent Steele loudly enough for Bob to hear. “Excuse me, I need to have a discussion with Donny. See you in a few minutes.” He hangs up.
“You heard the boss,” says Agent Holly. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”
“I ain’t gonna say anything, they’ll kill me!”
“You might last longer if you cooperate.”
More silence.
“Squeeze tighter, Amy.” Bob’s eyes go wide and his face flushes.
“Arright, arright!” he gasps.
“Stop squeezing, Amy. You were saying, Bob?”
“It was some of Culling’s goons,” he whispers in a tiny voice. “A few days after I sent in the pictures, they told me to keep my mouth shut about what I’d seen. And that I’d better not let anyone poke around down there if I wanted to keep on breathing. Can I leave town now?”
“You’ve just attempted to murder an agent of Department-7. I don’t think we’re quite done with you yet.”


Back in a briefing room at the Presidio, Agent Holly recounts the events to Agent Steele. “I also felt some kind of invisible submarine thing.” Everyone but Agent Amy raises their eyebrows.
“Very interesting. I’ll send a crew to retrieve it immediately so that our forensic team can analyze it. In the meantime, you have a couple of new additions to the wing,” says Agent Steele, as he does something with his phone. The door opens, and two people step through it and close the door behind them. “Agent Leelawadee, Agent Jimsonweed, you are now members of Poison Wing. Meet your new commander, Agent Holly. I understand you all have a bacchanal to attend tonight, so you should get to know each other rather well.”

After a round of greetings, the members of Poison Wing begin to plan their attire, including Kevlar corsets, garlic grenades, and holy water pistols. Chocolate-covered garlic seems a good choice for Agent Amy.

S5. Loose Agents
Agents go different ways.


The members of Poison Wing are called into multipurpose room 1, where they see Agent Steele and a woman in a dark blue business suit, dark hair, who appears to be a feline moreau.

Steele: “Good morning everyone. This is my counterpart from Los Angeles, Agent Howling. We have a situation. We appear to have a rogue agent on our hands. Last week, Mystery Wing from LA disappeared. Their remains were found, torn up and drained of blood. All of them except for one, Agent Wander, the lead agent for the group. He may be working for another agency now.”

He directs everyone to examine the picture he has brought up on their cellphones, security camera footage of him from 16th St. Bart station.

“He has abandoned all his traceable gear, including his phone. His girlfriend also appears to be missing. Ann Marchment.” Everyone’s phone switches to a new picture.

“She disappeared shortly before the destruction of Mystery Wing, and Agent Wander was investigating her disappearance. Get this cell phone to him if you can. We want to talk to him, to find out what happened to Mystery Wing, and what he’s up to. Don’t directly engage him unless absolutely necessary.”

“He used to work here at the San Francisco Claw, though I never worked with him. He seemed very dedicated to D7, very resourceful, stubborn, tended to piss off people, worked with some questionable individuals to get things done.”

“He likely still has contacts in the area from when he used to work up here. Talk to people around Fisherman’s Wharf. A number of the homeless are actually Shadowkin. He has been sighted in the Mission District and one dock at Fisherman’s Wharf. Check with the Displaced, the Church of Pelor, St. Cuthbert’s House, the Cirque Des Moitié.”

The party splits up: Agent Nico and Agent Peyote decide to head to the Mission, while Agent Holly takes Agent Amy to spread word around the Castro.


Agent Nico and Agent Peyote are assigned a black 1967 Dodge Charger lowrider with pink shag carpeting lining every square inch of the interior and a horn that plays “La Cucaracha”. Agent Peyote facepalms when she sees the car. Agent Nico is stoked because he thinks the snazzy wheels will help him pick up some hot latina lesbians. [After all, Nico is a straight boy with penalties to Int and Wis.] As they park, they notice a guy in a Cuthbert’s beret. “Lemme guess, you’re from D7? They need to dump this old clunker.” Agent Nico and Agent Peyote show him the pictures of Agent Wander and Ann Marchment. “Nope, I haven’t seen either of them, but follow me and ask around.” He leads them to the House of St. Cuthbert—a former church, now more of a beat-up community center—and they follow him up the stairs.

A number of beret-wearing figures are gathered around the table chatting about the weather. The Agents introduce themselves and ask if anyone has seen the figures shown in the pictures. All the berets shake back and forth except one attractive woman smiling at Agent Peyote.

“I saw him entering a bondage club South of Market. Stripes.”
Agent Peyote asks her, “What can you tell me about this club?”
“Entrance is by invitation only. I’m going there Thursday. Would you like to come with me? My name is Chemise
“You can call me Peyote. Thank you, I would like that.”
“Oh, good. It’s vampire night,” she replies, with a twinkle in her eye.

Draining the last drop of information

Meanwhile, Agent Amy and Agent Holly visit the Castro to flash around images of Agent Wander and his girlfriend. They get a table at Cafe Flor and order some mocha latte. While they wait for their order to arrive, Agent Holly opens up her laptop and brings up the photo of Agent Wander, then turns the screen around to display it to passers-by.

“Oh, who’s that doll?” asks a short man wearing green combat boots and a half-length T-shirt.
“I was hoping you could tell me,” says Agent Holly. “His girlfriend is looking for him. He’s been seen with this woman, ” indicating Ann Marchment, “but he may be playing for the other team.”
“If he were my boyfriend, I wouldn’t let him out of bed. But tell me about your strong, silent friend here,” he says, grinning at Agent Amy.
“He’s obsessively fond of chocolate.”
The short man snaps his fingers and shouts at the waiter, “Garçon, one Death by Chocolate Cake, stat!” He takes Agent Amy by the hand and leads him towards the back. “Did you say chocolate?”, asks Agent Amy.
“Oh, honey, we’ll get along fabulously.”

Another man mentions to Agent Holly, “I saw him chasing someone coming out of the Bart station. I was so distracted I hit my head on a signpost.” He rubs a mark on his forehead.
“Which Bart station?”
“16th Street.”
“Who was he chasing?”
“Weird skin and hair. Dunno, I wasn’t really looking at him. But the guy you’re looking for was angry, like he was wanted to kill the guy he was chasing.”
“Ok, thank you very much.”
Agent Holly gets up to go look for Agent Amy. She finds him zipping up his pants. “That was real good chocolate,” he says.
She smirks and says, “I bet it was.”

[Something about strip club kingpin Content Not Found: larson-culling I can’t remember. Does he also own Stripes?

I can’t remember who it was that saw Agent Wander getting out of the water at the wharf.
Agent Nico calls up Agent Holly and suggests they all converge at Fisherman’s Wharf to exchange information over lunch and do some more investigation there.

XP earned per character:
300 XP

S4. Bugging out
making smores


Agent Nico tries to grab the thing off the back of granny’s neck, but fails. Granny opens the lid on the box she’s carrying, and inside is a tick-like thing identical to the one on the back of her neck. The businessman opens his briefcase, turns to the party, runs over to them. Streetwalker does the same, opening her purse to let out a giant tick. Agent Peyote shoots at the streetwalker, but misses. Agent Holly shoots at a tick but misses. Agent Nico and Agent Peyote are dominated. The ticks attach themselves to Agent Nico and Agent Peyote. Agent Amy takes out his sword and kills one of the ticks. Agent Holly shoots Agent Peyote with her taser, knocking her unconscious and killing her tick. Agent Holly takes a picture of the tick with her phone and sends it to Agent Steele, who orders her to withdraw the team. Agent Amy grapples Agent Nico, then grabs his tick and kills it. Agent Peyote comes to and shoots the streetwalker, only causing a minor injury.

More ticks come out of the containers. Agent Holly orders a retreat, and everyone heads back toward the van. Ranger Browne shoots at someone but misses. Agent Peyote activates a white phosphorus grenade and drops it as she runs. Back at the van, Agent Amy notices (!) some kind of bag under the van and points it out. Agent Nico looks it over; it seems to be a burlap sack tied to the undercarriage of the van with zip ties, moving as if something alive is within. Agent Holly cuts it away, and everyone gets into the van. As the team drives down the road, they see some D7 jeeps come barrelling up the opposite lane.

back at D7

Agent Holly drives back to the San Francisco Claw headquarters at the Presidio. Everyone in Poison Wing is required to enter through the Decontamination Unit. After a couple hours of being stripped, searched, hosed down, scrubbed, immunized, and otherwise probed, they are given hospital scrubs and released to talk to their boss.

“You did very well on your first assignment. Those things that attacked you are called puppeteers. We have encountered them before, and would not have sent you to deal with them as your first mission. At least, not without special equipment. You did the right thing in alerting me promptly and in withdrawing when ordered to.”

Agent Steele tells the team, “All of your clothes have been incinerated, along with the sack of puppeteers you found. They are a threat that emerges occasionally from Shadow, and can become devastating in large numbers. The Tail team has sanitized the area, and we have alerted fire departments. You may hear this reported in the news as a deadly explosion at an elderly woman’s meth lab hidden at the campground. When the park rangers began to investigate, they were attacked by the operator of the lab, together with a distributor and his companion. In the ensuing gunfight, a bullet hit a piece of laboratory equipment, causing a large explosion that killed everyone present. You will, of course, not disclose the true nature of these events to anyone outside of Department-7.”

Agent Steele becomes even more somber than usual. “Speaking of the media…we have not found Kimberley Scott yet. If she was first ridden the day of her disappearance, her personality is gone by now. This is most unfortunate; she was quite useful, and her loss will require us to establish other contacts.”

“Your clothes will be replaced, and your equipment cleaned and inspected. Since you performed acceptably in your assignment, we are issuing you these.” He hands each member of Poison Wing a small box with an embossed D7 logo. Inside each box is an attractive wristwatch also bearing the image of a gold dragon. “These are synchronicity watches. They will enable you to move up to a minute each day without hindrance due to traffic or crowds. Use them only for Department purposes, and only when necessary. Now get some rest, and we’ll talk about your next assignment tomorrow morning.”

XP earned per character:
1000 XP

S3. Going camping
This one time at camp....


The party opens the door to Kimberley Scott’s apartment.

living room

There is a sofa, TV, books,
Point Bonita Campground pamphlet.
Which camping sites are open, hours, fees.
Kitchen to the right, bed/bath to the left.


Oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, microwave. Fridge has misc. groceries, mostly still good. Some normal-looking contents of garbage can. Blinking answering machine:

  1. “Hey, Kim, it’s Bob at the paper. Are you feeling ok? Let us know how you’re doing.”
  2. Campground information line callback.
  3. Bob again: “It’s been two days, are you coming back?”


Agent Peyote finds computer in Computer document, turns it on, it comes back with a To Do list open to

check out campground in the headlands

folded piece of paper next to computer: computer printout of campground map (driving directions, parking lot, walking trail, facility with chain-link fence)


bathroom window open, looks onto alley

full litter box and food/water dish

Agent Holly calls Agent Steele to report on the leads and ask for more info on Kimberley Scott’s car. Return to base shortly and he’ll have the info.

The party decides to visit the Squat and Gobble downstairs for crepes and coffee. Excellent Nutella and strawberry crepes.

Agent Nico tries to flirt with the waitress, supposedly to find out more information about Kimberley Scott. She slaps him.

Agent Holly notices an elf sitting nearby and chats him up, calling herself Lana. His name is Lescher. He knows Kimberley Scott slightly. They talk occasionally; she doesn’t seem to be aware that he’s not human. Lescher gives Lana his cell phone number and tries to find out what gender the ogre is. He is uninterested in the mundane humans (‘mundies’).

Party returns to D7 and reports their findings to Agent Steele in greater detail. He tells the party that Kimberley Scott picked up a Zipcar that hasn’t been returned yet (gives info). “Get some rest while the crew sees to your van. Tomorrow morning, go investigate this campground she was looking into. Try to bring her back if possible, call if you find anything interesting.”

To Point Bonita Campground

Friday morning, off to Marin.
2.5h ride to campground. Competing music in the car, Nico vs Peyote.
Drive into campground. Ranger Stewart talks very slowly, hardly blinks, charges $12, gate closes at 10pm, tells where to park and gives a map.

Ranger Browne also behaves strangely (drugged? hypnotized? magically charmed? robotic?)

Drive into empty spot. One car matches the description of Kimberley’s Zipcar.

Businessman comes walking slowly down trail, stops to talk with Ranger Browne…yet neither actually says anything.

There’s a trailhead leading away from the campsite.

Two sites with tents. Quiet. Lots of camping debris.

Find a digital camera, transfer its files to phone. Pictures from 3 days ago. Tall cylindrical building with no windows through chain link fence. People coming and going, mostly on foot, a few non-ranger vehicles. Lots of pictures of one woman (does not look like Kimberley). Every person goes in empty-handed, comes out with a bag, purse, backpack, or other container. All have vacant looks.

Agent Nico notices a small canid, maybe a fox, standing nearby, staring at them vacantly, before it walks away. Looks like something on the back of its neck.

Some people walking down trail, vacantly. Older woman in nightgown and slippers, young woman dressed like streetwalker, businessman. Businessman walks to guard booth and stands face-to-face with Ranger Browne, both silent. Agent Nico and Agent Holly talk to the older woman, asking about the weather and her nightgown. Agent Holly reaches to look at the back of the woman’s neck, sees some insectoid thing there, all walkers stop, scream weirdly, point at Agent Holly. Roll initiative.

S2. Here's the keys
Pizza Delivery

Agent Steele tosses a keyring to Agent Peyote. “You’ll use this van unless you need something special. This is the address of Kimberley Scott’s apartment on Haight, over the Squat and Gobble.” He hands Agent Holly a slip of paper. “Go check out her home, and find out any information indicating where she might have gone. Report back as soon as you’ve finished.”

The members of Poison Wing go to the garage, and drive the van to the Haight. Agent Peyote parks around the corner from the Squat and Gobble. They buzz all the apartments and a bleary-eyed stoner looks out the window and asks, “Pizza?”.

“Yeah, pizza,” says Agent Nico, and the stoner disappears. A few moments later, the door buzzes upon, and the teams enters into the apartment building’s lobby, an old, moldering room that reeks of stale weed, then climb up the stairs to Apartment 303. Agent Peyote digs through her gear to unlock the door.


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