Reality Check

S1. Orientation
In which our heroes find themselves.

You have all graduated and are full-fledged agents of Department-7. You have been summoned to Multipurpose Room 1 by Agent Steele who greets you as you enter. ‘Congratulations, you are now D7 Agents. Your Wing designation is Poison.’ He hands each of you a box and an envelop card. Both are marked with an embossed gold leaf image of a dragon’s head in a circle. When you open the envelope, there is a card that looks like a credit card with your photo and agent name. ‘You will use this name in all public interactions. It functions as a company credit card. Save the receipts and don’t use it for personal purchases.’ He slides out a part from it. ‘It also includes an eight-gigabyte USB drive. It will give you secure internet access on any computer and encrypted wireless. It is also a digital master key. Waving it in front of most electronic locks will deactivate them.’

‘The next item,’ he says, pointing to a box, ‘is your department smartphone. It has a small wireless headset, GPS locator, internet access, et cetera. It is keyed for your retina, fingerprints, and blood. It can securely access any network in existence. You are the only individual who may use it; if anyone else attempts to use it, the device will self destruct.’

‘Today you will begin your first assignment. A reporter for the Guardian, named Kimberley Scott, has been missing since last Friday. She does some freelance work for us and we suspect foul play. The last we heard from her, she told us she was on to something. Your assignment is to find out what’s happened to her.’


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