Tag: St. Cuthbert's House


  • St Cuthberts House

    h1. St. Cuthbert's House Founded by [[:donovan-sinclair | Donovan Sinclair]]. A benevolent organization committed to helping those in need. Maintains good relations with [[Department-7 | Department-7]].

  • Donovan Sinclair

    Donovan “Donny” Sinclair was a common street thug, until he was miraculously cured by St. Cuthbert. As a result of that experience, he changed his ways and founded [[St Cuthberts House | St. Cuthbert's House]].

  • Bob

    Pekingese moreau, appear as an Asian man. Member of [[St Cuthberts House | St. Cuthbert's House]]. Saw [[:agent-wander | Agent Wander]] emerging from submarine and photographed it for Cuthbert's HQ. Attempted to kill [[:agent-holly | Agent Holly]].