D20 Modern Game
Titled: Reality Check

Books allowed:
D20 Modern Core Rulebook
D20 Modern Urban Arcana
D20 Modern Weapons Locker

“Although you live in a world that appears to follow the rules of physics, and you were taught that magic does not exist, and that the only things that go bump in the night are in your imagination, you know better.
You may have seen things, shadowy things, out of the corner of your eye. You may have awakened in the night, paralyzed with fear, unable to open your eyes or breathe for what felt like hours. You may have heard distant voices calling your name at night when you were camping, or seen shiny, disc shaped objects soaring through the skies. Perhaps you lost an hour one day, and found yourself standing on a bridge, looking deeply into the dark waters below, just in time to stop yourself from jumping. Whatever your experience, it has lead you to probe the paranormal.
One day you looked at someone you had seen before, or knew well, and you saw them as they truly were. You felt a strange shift in reality. Then your life really became interesting.”

Synopsis of the game world:

This is the Earth as we are currently familiar with it. There will be a mixture of real and fictional characters, places, and events used. Anything and everything can happen in this world. Most people who live here do not have any proof that any oddities occur, but they are probably aware of them as myths.

For example, you can expect something resembling any kind of encounter from the following shows:
“X-Files” (Aliens, Conspiracies)
“Warehouse 13” (Magical and Pseudo-scientific Artifacts)
“Sanctuary” (Abnormals, Monsters, Hollow Earth)
“Fringe” (Alternate Universes, Fringe Science)
You may also find any kind of encounter that is compartmentalized as “Paranormal” (Ghosts, Time Travel, Fairies, Cryptozoology, etc.) You can read about these things outside of the parameter of the published WoC books or published adventures. (Memorizing these things is not necessary, but a familiarity may help you play your character more realistically.)

The game is published by WoC. Please don’t read any of them in case we play more, so you don’t spoil the story for yourself.

Please read no more than the first five chapters from “D20 Modern Core Rulebook”. If you have, pretend you don’t know the information. The GM will and may change anything you have read.


Intro to Department 7 [D7]

As far as you were told when you were recruited, this is a privately owned security company, specializing in the paranormal.


You can pick your own agent name. I want you all to have poisinous herbs for names and have included a list to pick from. If you can come up with another that is either real or exists in fiction, that will also work, as long as it’s a natural poison. You can also use part or all of the latin names for poison herbs. You can also slightly change the spelling if you like. Your first name will now be Agent.

Your wing (group) name will be Poison.

Suggested agent names:

Baneberry, Bloodroot, Calotropis, Foxglove, Hemlock, Lovage, Nightshade, Stavesacre, Thornapple, Yew, Laurel, Hemp, Mescal, Poppy, Hellbore, Ignatius, Ivy, Coca, Clematis, Gelsemium, Bryony, Calabar.


You may pick your “characters race” and base class from either book. Once your characters are created, Agent Steele will give you all an orientation.

Advanced classes come into play at level 5. At that point you can choose an advanced level from either book.

You can pick a starting occupation from either book. This will represent your skill set, and life experience. Let’s just say you are fully employed by D7, and do not have a mundane job at the start of the game. You may live at the D7 facility, a large mansion somewhere in the city. You may also have your own property, or an apartment. See the Core Book for those rules (starts on page 91).


For stat points, you can start with a stat of 8 for all six Abilities and buy a total of23 points at a simple point-for-point method, with no beginning stat above 18. If you really want to, you can subtract up to 2 points from one or more 8’s and reassign them. Let me know if my math is off.

Pick the gear you would like to have, I will go over each wish list and tell you what is available to you from that. I haven’t read those lists yet. Wealth roll rules are on page 91 of the Core Rulebook and will refer to your personal wealth, not your resources from D7. Determine your basic wealth bonus and buy items from any of the 3 books. It’s a bit more complicated than spending money. Don’t worry about getting too many items, your personal wealth bonus does not take into account the resources you will have from D7. You may have expense accounts, or a stock of gear and weapons available to you based on the job your are sent out on.

You will have everything you need without spending your own money. You have full medical, dental, and eye coverage. No co-payment. You will have a roof over your head, free life insurance, 401K, etc.

I have to figure out how much money you make, or if you have a salary, from working at D7.

You don’t really need much money to start, but you may wish to have come from a wealthy or poor background, or own your own property.

You will have personal time to spend as you wish, but you are on call 24-7. There is no dress code. D7 is an equal opportunity employer and very open-minded. :)

D7 Facility
All of the following are underground, hidden from the public, and you may not bring outsiders in.

Convenience Store
Facility Stockroom
Firing Range
Dry Cleaner
Barber Shop

You are not required to live here, nor use these facilities. You do have to live close by. If you don’t use these facilities, you pay for your own.

Now look-sharp, it’s time for your orientation. Agent Steele is waiting in Multi-Purpose Room 1.

Reality Check

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