Reality Check

S2. Here's the keys

Pizza Delivery

Agent Steele tosses a keyring to Agent Peyote. “You’ll use this van unless you need something special. This is the address of Kimberley Scott’s apartment on Haight, over the Squat and Gobble.” He hands Agent Holly a slip of paper. “Go check out her home, and find out any information indicating where she might have gone. Report back as soon as you’ve finished.”

The members of Poison Wing go to the garage, and drive the van to the Haight. Agent Peyote parks around the corner from the Squat and Gobble. They buzz all the apartments and a bleary-eyed stoner looks out the window and asks, “Pizza?”.

“Yeah, pizza,” says Agent Nico, and the stoner disappears. A few moments later, the door buzzes upon, and the teams enters into the apartment building’s lobby, an old, moldering room that reeks of stale weed, then climb up the stairs to Apartment 303. Agent Peyote digs through her gear to unlock the door.


SylverWyrd lycanther

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