Paranormal Links

I recommend the following two sites for the best in paranormal and related topics:

Fortean Times
My fave magazine, and a great source for this game.

Has numerous other links on the left bar.

These two sites are open-minded but skeptical. There are many, many other sites out there, but I don’t recommend them unless you are obsessed with the paranormal as I am, and know how to take everything you read with a bucket of salt.

Cryptozoology (aka Nessie, Bigfoot, Little People, etc.)

Lycanther has given me the following link:

“San Diego Demonoid”: you mean that dead opossum?

This link is one source for an article on a cryptid (cryptozoology), or unknown animal.

If you are interested in this topic, I can recommend:


Ghost Cams

Trust me, this is a waste of time. You will NEVER see anything, but it can be fun to laugh at what others have “seen”. You can also get a chuckle out of people doing “ghost hunting” and scaring the shit out of themselves.

For the related topic of paredolia, (the recognition of faces in random patterns), read articles in Fortean Times and Anomalist on people seeing faces in everyday objects. (Ex: Jesus in a piece of toast.)

You will also finds sites on fringe science, UFOs, Hollow Earth, Conspiracy Theories, you-name-it. YouTube has a ton of video on UFOs. The reason I read these articles is I am a writer by nature, and they are great sources for inspiration. Plus, I’m a nut.


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